Munich, Germany

Reid Peryam · September 22, 2017 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments
After two previous Oktoberfests in a row (1, 2) the wheels came off. I was in Munich for four nights this year — and it turned out to be long enough. Long enough to replace a disappeared pair of lederhosen that seemed to have walked away sometime during the past year (really I think the hardened exoskeleton of chicken grease, potato salad in absence of napkins and hand washing afforded to them this ability); in their place a darker, tighter, more rigid and less-flattering pair and take on Reid in leather.
It started out innocent enough; Martin cooked us a traditional Bavarian breakfast in the fraternity house (I take pride in having been a guest here four times). But after that things went down hill pretty fast.
My mobile phone committed mobilecide from the apex of a most maniacal, twisty, spinning carnival ride. The presumably shattered body nor SIM card were ever recovered — may they rest in pieces. Subsequently without access to Google Maps I didn’t trust myself to navigate back to my apartment in a state of post-festival reverie. Instead I ended my nights on the carpeted floor along with other friends at Hannah’s apartment. Trevor snored and I needed to share half of his blanket each night since I had not my own. I awoke in the mornings two hours before everyone else; it was great! We would get brunch together and recount the puzzle-pieced memories of the day and night before — collectively solving mysteries along the way such as “who was the last person to wear that wig we were all wearing? And where did it go?”
It was especially fun since it was the first Oktoberfest for each of my accompanying friends. It was like introducing children to a somewhat more debaucherous version of Disneyland. On Saturday we celebrated Trevor’s 30th birthday which served as a multiplier to the inebriation, debauchery and of course fun.
These four days felt longer than last year’s 17. Something to do with the exponential value of friends to any equation; thankfully with their help I am finally recovering from beer deficiency owing to a life lived (no more!) guided by prudence and moderation. Henceforth I hope to have added new converts to the Oktoberfest tradition.

Thanks to my friends Trevor and Travis for supplying photos that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to share after the loss of my phone (see the photo with Travis with the two of us on the ride? That’s where it happened)