Casablanca, Morocco

Reid Peryam · October 19, 2016 · Africa, Travel · 0 comments

After Croatia, Germany, the United States, Ecuador and Colombia I was getting a little uncomfortable being so comfortable. Comfort (and europe) is a dangerous thing — before long I risk being content being content. But really I prefer to be a little uncomfortable especially within the context of travel. So it was time to get a little dirty in Morocco and remind myself what it’s like to visit a place that is famous for being dirty.

It was just a short, three day visit to Casablanca and thank god I didn’t stay any longer. This was just a reconnaissance trip to scout out the vibe ans determine if I want to return for a more thorough exploration of other cities (Fez, Rabat, Marrakesh, Chefchaouen); admittedly three days in Casablanca do a disservice to these others, more tourist-friendly cities. That being said I think Morocco will be best done during a vacation where freedom to explore and wander isn’t reigned by obligations for accessible internet (Skype and many online messaging services are blocked by many ISPs) or food.

I met multiple tourists who shared stories of wonderful vacations and excursions throughout the country that I’m sure I would really love. The issue with travelling while working is that I typically can’t enjoy the same freedoms that vacationers do – so while they can enjoy a camel ride across the Sahara on a Monday afternoon I have to wait until Saturday — living like a local in the interim which, at least in Casablanca, isn’t my cup of tea. I’m sure it could be – but with so many places remaining to explore for the first time and a growing list of places I already love– why stay here?

That being said I enjoyed my three days in Casablanca and had the opportunity to take some really fun photographs. The city itself is very photogenic and the colorful, diverse people, streets and neighborhoods really play the part of a photographic safari that I had a lot of fun with.

So thanks Morocco – a nice hint at what you have to offer.