Split, Croatia

Reid Peryam · October 15, 2016 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

Fourteen months ago I was in Cavtat, Croatia for a month and it was pretty good; smooth, 72 degree Adriatic sea water for morning swims, grilled octopus lunches sunsets the color of the Rosé I was drinking. My excuse time was that I needed to flee the Schengan zone in order to return this winter to Switzerland (stay tuned); Split was perfect because my friends recently opened a co-working space there and I wanted to go work from it. So I booked a flight from Munich and an AirBnb just north of Old Town for six nights.

Split is a old town on the shore of the Adriatic sea. It’s much larger and busier than

Cavtat – but during the Autumn most of us tourists aren’t around because the weather isn’t as beachy. For me this was ideal– as a travel hipster I enjoy visiting places in off-peak season and it was easier to get work done in the cooler, cloudier weather. I was still able to explore and even meet a lot of new friends at WIP, the co-working space I worked from.

Highlights included learning to play spike ball – a sport my friend Travis taught me, showing new friends this video of Mr. Rogers eating a banana with a Kraft single wrapped around it, consuming a limitless supply of coffee from the espresso machine at WIP and hanging out with the Remote Year 3 kids.

This was more of a reconnaissance trip to see if Split is a place I want to return to — and the answer is definitely yes. I’m already penciling in two or three months in Spring of 2017.