Ljubljana, Slovenia

Reid Peryam · July 25, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

Slovenia was a respite after a three week, high-paced, Scandinavian vacation — things were much slower here in the capital city, Ljubljana. The population is not small at 277,000 but it feels small owing to the many bikes, little traffic and uncrowded arrangement of buildings, boulevards and people. I purchased a bike the day after my arrival for 60 euros — necessitated in order to travel to any of the three gyms I frequented in the mornings — 20 minute bike rides away. The slow-living in Slovenia turned out to be hyper-constructive for work and I found it easy to concentrate among so few distractions (other than the European heat wave and complete lack of air conditioning).

I stayed in a dormitory housing high school students during the school year without access to refrigeration and a very meager kitchenette shared by about 50 people. It was all good though because I’m thoroughly adaptable to #nofridgelife — sardines, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, fruit, carrots and peanut butter — these foods are easy to store and for me to eat.

I visited lake Bled, one of the most famous tourist destinations within Slovenia — a picturesque lake with a castle that afforded swimming and escape from the humid, unrelenting heat. My time in Slovenia was cut short by 8 days on word that my home back in Denver, Colorado was in need of emergency plumbing repair — the bathtub was leaking into the downstairs unit beneath causing, by one plumber’s estimation, $4,000 in work for him to bill me for. I purchased a ticket on a plane back to Denver departing two days later in order to remedy the situation. Thank you Slovenia, you are lovely.