Copenhagen, Denmark

Reid Peryam · July 07, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

It was hard to leave southern Sweden after three days of cloudless sky at an ideal 75 degrees but Copenhagen did not disappoint. Much more cosmopolitan than I had expected — and busy bordering on crowded. The city has undergone a huge transformation over the past 15 years and though the infrastructure is very good the sheer popularity keeps attracting people to both live and visit here. I explore better on foot than bicycle so over the three days I was there became increasingly familiar with the best places for kebabs, soft-serve ice cream and patio drinks.

The food availability in Copenhagen is outstanding and though expensive it was easy to indulge for the sake of being on vacation. I came to appreciate the local cuisine originating from the island of Bornholm — east of Denmark in the Adriatic Sea. The traditional food features open faced sandwiches with spread lard in place of butter (tastes better than you probably think!), smoked fish with onions, chives and various relishes.

Visited the second oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli (the oldest amusement park is just outside of Copenhagen); it’s small compared to Disney Land but features very nice restaurants and gardens. Like Walt Disney in California, Hans Christian Anderson is a local celebrity and his stories are very much represented throughout Tivoli as well as Copenhagen.

I stayed at the Marriott which turned out to be an ideal location owing to the easy access to ocean swimming right off of the back side, directly into the ocean channel. One of the things I appreciated about Copenhagen was the very visible lack of annoying, nagging signs everywhere. Also police officers. I think I might be willing to double my annual tax rate in order to do without both.