Reid Peryam · July 03, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

Arrived into Goetenburg, Sweden via train due to a logistical juggle after a ferry I had planned on taking from the Denmark coastal town of Kristiansand to Gotenburg was unexpectedly soldout upon our arrival day into Denmark from the Faroe Islands. Such is the fun of travelling unburdened by prior obligation of reservations. No it really is fun! So instead of a two hour ferry, alternately ventured via an 11 hour train ride through Denmark, Copenhagen and up into Gotenburg. Beautiful scenery the entire trip. Giant wind-powering turbines and unending, lush, immaculately farmed, groomed fields of wheat and hay acre after acre. Lush, green forests — every 10 seconds looking out of the train window afforded a post card of scenery worthy of a 17th century landscape painter. It confirmed my prior perception that Denmark is beautiful — had the previous, more simplistic route been taken would have missed this peek at Denmark’s countryside.

Gothenburg was terrific. Stayed at a five star hotel (thank you Hotwire.com) in the middle of the city’s cultural epicenter. Explored cafes, riverway and even Scandanavia’s largest amusement park. The view from the top of a giant ferris wheel provided perfect coverage of the entire town. The second night moved north of the city to stay at a resort replete with spa, pools, terrific gym (which was much appreciated); thank you again Hotwire.com.

Headed down south to Malmo — a Swedish city on the outskirts of Copenhagen on the 3rd night. Here admired the historic architecture and took full advantage of the many cafes sprinkled about town. Also visited an cold-water ocean bath house built at the end of a pier within a beach park. It was fully nude and while you could choose to wear your bathing suit no one did. I must say that swimming naked in the ocean is incredibly refreshing! You take a dip and then lie out naked to dry and warm yourself in the sun before doing it again. If I lived in Malmo (and I could live in Malmo) I would definitely make a habit out of naked ocean-going.

During the entire 3 days in Sweden I never saw a single cloud in the sky which made it hard to continue on to Copenhagen