Faroe Islands

Reid Peryam · June 29, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

Took a ferry from Seydisfjordur, Iceland to Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. Arrived at 3 AM local time in frigid, windy weather with no accessible sleeping accommodations other than shelter beneath a few fir trees in an isolated city park. Then thewind picked up and the temperature dropped. Between the 24 hour daylight and the weather, didn’t get much sleep. Powered through the rest of the day and did a boat tour of some of the coastline out of Vestmanna. I saw some puffins, jagged rocks and a lot of precipitously positioned sheep before the weather turned for the worse and remained horrid for the remainder of the trip. In a bid to maximize exposure to all the Faroes had to offer took a bus to a city of twenty thousand in the North called Klaksvik — a port, fishing town — and there wasn’t a soul to be seen on a rainy, windy Sunday. Nothing was open. Took the next bus out.

The Faroe Islands was an exploratory destination and I’m glad I visited. Like Iceland I feel that it has been hyped by those enamored with its simplistic charm. There is a mythic charm inherent in the north Atlantic. It’s an exotic place with a surprisingly long, endemic history that hasn’t been spoiled by American Culture. That’s  pretty cool.