Reid Peryam · June 24, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

After spending a week in Iceland it feels like there’s nothing left to come back for. It’s easy to see why this rugged, open-spaced adventure destination is so popular; accessible waterfalls, hiking and outdoors make covering the entire island a piece of cake. Coming from the western United States though I can’t help but feel that the rustic charm is better reserved for urbanites; the wide open spaces seem reminiscent of our American west and the diversity in features is similar (without beaches) to New Zealand.

Highlights included eating whale (absolutely delicious — I will now advocate not to save whales but instead eat them), horse, puffin. I enjoyed walking on my third glacier (after Zermatt and the Fox glacier), sea angling in Reykjavik, standing on two separate tectonic plates at the same time, wilderness ATVing and a myriad of waterfalls.