Prague, Czech Republic

Reid Peryam · June 07, 2015 · Europe, Travel · 0 comments

I have arrived into the Czech Republic and after a week of transitioning to a new timezone, work place and lifestyle — I love it. I write this from a small cafe serving as respite from an exhilarating, exhausting week of arrival. In such a short time I have made 70 new friends, eaten delicious (and copious!) food, walked over twenty five miles in exploration, become infatuated with and humbled by Iyengar yoga, and rekindled my enjoyment of Crossfit — in addition to working full-time. Though I have made time to record happenings in my journal, time itself is fleeting and demanded as the opportunities for exploration, companionship and learning are ubiquitous. I expect a continual evolution in myself to follow from these catalysts afforded by the daily challenges to adapt, grow and lea